Consulting Is
More Than Giving Advice
To succeed in business today, you need to be
flexible and have good planning.

Supply Chain Consulting

Supply Chain Consulting

Supply Chain Management is the strategic coordination of business functions within a company with the aim of achieving the most efficient movement and storage of goods from point of origin to point of consumption...


Logistics Consulting

Logistics Consulting

The SwissSun team of specialist Logistics Consultants are aware that the requirements vary according to the specific industry sector and have the expertise and experience within the team to accommodate...


Warehouse Consulting

Warehouse Consulting

A fundamental contributor and facilitator within most distribution networks, warehouses are responsible for the execution of a variety of roles well beyond simply storing and handling pallets of goods. …


There are Many Types of Industries In Consulting

An increasingly higher proportion of companies are now both sourcing and distributing internationally, due to the favourable and ever-developing global nature of the economy; and in particular...

Cost to serve is a predominantly process-driven financial analysis used to calculate customer account profitability against actual business activities; when overhead, and service costs are also taken into...

Robust Project and programme management requires It requires significant skills in planning, organising and managing resources against specific objectives, timelines and cost budgets.

The Logistics Network is what links manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers; and is therefore a key component within the Supply Chain.

Over recent years the consultants at The SwissSun have reviewed, developed and managed many Logistics procurement and outsourcing solutions on behalf of clients.

Establishing and implementing the most suitable and relevant warehouse design from the outset, can have a profound influence on the useful life of the facility, its capacity and productivity, and of course, significant financial benefits.

SwissSun Marketing GmbH.

SwissSun Management provides supply chain consulting solutions for both domestic and international/global service providers.   For Manufacturers, Retailers and Wholesalers, SwissSun can be your logistics and supply chain consultant and assist you to reduce costs and improve performance.

SwissSun will assess your supply chain. We will identify and develop best practices and improvements that can reduce costs, increase inventory turns, and improve customer satisfaction.   The changes provided by our supply chain consulting services can give you the performance to enhance your competitive position that your customers or sales personnel require. From startup to turnaround, whether the need is inventory improvement and velocity, cost reduction, cycle time compression, performance improvement, supplier performance, lean supply chain management or other issue, SwissSun can work with you to develop and implement the program you need.

For 3PLs and Logistics Service Providers, SwissSun logistics and supply chain consulting can assist you to generate quality sales, increase margins and reduce customer turnover. We work with logistics service providers--transport providers, warehouses, 3PLs, and others--to grow their potentials and go above and beyond traditional commodity services, which are defined by price and high customer turnover.   SwissSun logistics and supply chain consulting can work with you to develop and implement the program you need. No matter who you are or what your supply chain or logistics consulting needs are, SwissSun Management can provide you with solutions that work.